IAS has developed the first Electronic Technical Logbook (ETL) solution that is compatible with all widely used operating systems (i.e. iOS, Windows, Android) and can be installed into both tail number specific and pilot issued hardware devices.

The IAS REDiFly ETL is the flexible solution that helps air operators to become fully connected, data driven and efficient providers of air transport services. The ETL digitizes the air operator’s paper-based Aircraft Technical Logbook (ATL) improving fleet airworthiness, enabling preventative maintenance and future-proofing flight and maintenance operations through analyses of real time data.

Ground System Integration

In addition, the REDiFly ETL integrates with the various ground systems that require data, such as crew management, maintenance repair & overhaul (MRO), and flight planning. It operates in all connectivity environments (cellular, satellite, Wi-Fi) and customizable to client’s needs and preferences (process and data capture).

REDiFly ETL Benefits

  • Integrates with the air operator’s current electronic flight bag (EFB) across all OS platforms
  • Adapts to air operator’s current device programs (pilot-or aircraft tail number-issued)
  • Automatic transfer of real time data to authorized person
  • More efficient launch and integration costs (e.g., usage of existing devices and OS)
  • Reduced personnel related costs
  • Improved budget efficiency through on-demand data access, providing the ability to generate customized digital reports
  • Elimination of paper based ATL archiving expenses (e.g., warehousing, paper, labor)
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